Last week I posted pictures of three different golf courses in the South of France. This week it’s three images of one course in Surrey. As you can see, and as you’ll likely know, the weather remains very Riviera-like.


The first hole at St George’s Hill, where the ideal drive finds a plateau about 100 yards short of the green

St George’s Hill Golf Club in Weybridge was designed in 1912 by that great and prolific course architect, Harry Colt. It lies within a 965-acre private estate and is an esteemed layout, regularly being highly rated by golf magazines when they do those course rankings so beloved by Donald Trump. The hill (as in the club’s name) is the lowest in Surrey, its summit being at 255 feet. We’re not talking Himalayas here – either the St Andrews putting green or the real thing – but it’s far from being a flat stroll. It probably goes without saying that the houses on the estate within which the golf club sits are rather marvellous. As is the golf course.


A view from behind the 5th green on the Red, where there is an uphill approach to this 388-yard hole

In fact, there are 27 holes here: three loops of nine. The ‘main’ course comprises the Red and the Blue, with the Green being a little shorter. Essentially, the front nine is the Red and the back nine the Blue. There is an ongoing project to upgrade the Green so that it doesn’t eternally seem to be the poor relation.


The panorama from the clubhouse terrace is guaranteed to whet your appetite to enjoy a game of golf

Heather and Scots pines are the chief natural features of the course. The halfway hut between the 9th on the Red and the 1st on the Blue is ideally located with views across the course, and while that is obviously a man-made feature it’s no less welcome for that. There are several sensational courses in Surrey. This is one of them.

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