Not many words this week. I’ve just got back from a few days with the family in the South of France, where first we played at La Grande Bastide. The approach (from the rough!) to the par-four 15th is pictured below…

LGB 16

…after which, a couple of days later, we were at Golf Opio Valbonne, where the course was in much better condition than used to be the case. This is the par-five 17th, with its distant backdrop of mountainside homes…

valbonne 17

…and the hat-trick was completed at the Old Course Cannes Mandelieu. The view shown below is taken from behind what is presently the 12th green but which used to be the 9th and may be again once the enormous construction project in the vicinity has been completed and the cranes and diggers have gone away.


The final photo is something you’ll likely be seeing a lot of in September; a European Ryder Cup team golf cart. Apparently, golf clubs in France which have a contract with Club Car got sent one of each (Europe in blue, USA in red, as you’ll know) to supplement their stock of ‘ordinary’ buggies. I couldn’t resist the opportunity of being able to hire one. Did it make me play like a Ryder Cup golfer? What do you think? Of course it didn’t.

euro cart

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