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This piece (link below) – about the ramifications of Tiger Woods’ car crash in November 2009 which later led to the breakdown of his marriage – ran in the March/April 2010 issue of Golf International, published just ahead of the 2010 Masters, a tournament which Woods had then won four times, has still won four times and is likely to remain having won four times.

Without trying to be smart-assed (OK, and not quite succeeding), I wrote near the beginning of the story: “Apparently, sales of a physics book by Dr John Gribbin, an astrophysicist PhD, comparatively sky-rocketed after a copy of the tome was photographed lying amid the wreckage of Tiger’s car…”

The article ended: “Although if only in one regard, in terms of how he hoped to be perceived by posterity, I suspect Dr Gribbin’s book was in fact lying amid the wreckage of Tiger’s career.”

In a way, so it has proved. Apart from the damage to his image, there have been no more major championships since and only eight tournament wins in all, three in 2012 and five in 2013. He’s not playing again until 2016. Woods has won 14 majors and the deal always was would he catch the Jack Nicklaus record of 18? I thank we can safely forget about that. The question now is that, with 79 wins on the PGA Tour, will he ever catch Sam Snead’s mark of 82?

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