The blog is on holiday for a couple of weeks, some of which is being spent playing golf, including at Valbonne Golf Club in the South of France where I first hacked it round in something like 1986. Very possibly with a score of something like 86!

Above in the distance is the clubhouse, pictured from the left-hand dogleg on the 15th. The green you see used to be the 15th but it’s now the 18th. The old uphill par-three 16th, which teed off from beside the arches you see in the background, has gone and now the round concludes with a downhill par-three. At a guess, that’s because the club decided an ending to the round that finished in front of the clubhouse might bring in more revenue than one which led to the car park.

And above is the par-five 17th, previously the final hole. It is hardly the world’s finest closing hole but there is something about this panorama that I find endlessly enjoyable. I hope your golf this summer has been enjoyable, too.

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